FLORHAM PARK, NJ- Parents who haven’t been able to find the perfect intimate, nurturing environment they want for their child and educational balance and enrichment have to look no further than LDS.  The London Day School’s Introduction to Preschool – Preschool Prep is the perfect balance and something that is difficult to find.

“Imagine the experience a child has when they have classes with no more than 12-14 children.  Small classes are more engaging places for students because they encourage a more personal connection with teachers”, said, Danielle Lindner, School Founder.

Parents can choose programs running 3 through 5 days with Full Day 7-6pm, Extended Day 9-3:30pm or Half Day 9-1pm.  The school offers an amazing introduction to preschool class for its youngest students as well as access to private transportation services if needed.  The school enrolls students from 18 months to 6 years of age.

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Students enrolled at LDS enjoy an enrichment based program that features Art, Music, Drama, Science, Foreign Language, Gym, Literacy, Math, Social Studies, Organic Gardening and Character Education. 

The magical facility boasts a Children’s Library, Fitness Studio, Science Room, State of the Art Classrooms and Student Art Studio and Gallery.  A small classroom environment with a student to teacher ratio that far exceeds state requirements contributes to the student’s success!

The London Day School incorporates a variety of teaching approaches in their classrooms. Students are exposed to a combination of unstructured, imaginative play, structured teacher led activities, and project based learning. Our goal is to provide students with an engaging and exciting learning experience said, Danielle Lindner, Founder and Author of the school’s award winning Character Education Curriculum, Miss Danielle’s Preschoolbuds, which also includes a TV show streamed internationally on Amazon Prime.

Just one of the aspects of the program that differentiates LDS is how a global perspective to education is incorporated into the learning environment. We teach our students that the world is bigger than their classroom, said Lindner. For instance, the school’s students had theme related lessons focused on the various Rain Forests around the world.  They then all worked to create their own incredible rain forest in the student art gallery. The school has also hosted a week-long Multi-Cultural Celebration, where parents and grand-parents share meaningful aspects of their culture with the students, such as food, dance, art, and literature.

Another focus is civics, which the school calls character education. They teach respect, compassion and care for individuals and for their communities. Skills they’re eventually going to need in the corporate world they need to learn as two-year-olds, said Lindner.  We hope that by teaching our students how to be kind, caring children, they will grow up to be adults who also hold those values.

What we have created at The London Day School is very special and unique. Students graduating from our program will have an exceptional academic foundation, an appreciation and understanding for the world around them, respect for themselves and others, and social awareness --all while having a fantastic time!


For more information about The London Day School, or to book a tour, please contact the office at:  973-377-0311.  The school is located at 10 Ridgedale Avenue in Florham Park, NJ. (On the border of Madison)  You may also visit the school on the web at: www.londondayschool.com