1. Accountability. You must be able to rely on your teammates and trust them. Training together creates team comraderie and allows teammates the ability to acknowledge one another’s hard work.

2. Seasons are Won In the Off Season. Off-season training sets the tone for your season. Off-season training is the most important for all athletes of all sports. IT is the beginning stages that helps set you up for increased performance and decreased risk of injury.

3. Time Commitment. Student athletes have a lot on their plates between homework, practices and studying. With school being out athletes have more time to commit to training without having to worry about the extra school work.

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4. Team Bonding. Off field cohesion is just as important as on field. “Sweating it out” with your teammates brings athletes closer together and creates a support system.

5. Time Off.  It’s important to step away from the fundamentals of the game and put focus more on the athletic traits of your sport. Team training that leaves out some specific skills of the sport allows athletes the ability to break out of their routine but keep the athletic and competitive environment of the team intact.