It's not enough during the summer of 2020 to prospect for new business in the usual kind of way.  In a post COVID world, marketing strategies need to be laser focused and executed precisely.  No one has any time to waste.

An exceptional content marketing strategy can be the difference between high performing success and tragic business results in 2020.  Why content marketing?  Because it lends itself to an exceptional platform to tell your story! 

Many people are writing the year off.  But most businesses can't afford to do so.  Just like in any past recession, there are always great opportunities for smart and resourceful business owners to shine through on the other side. A great tool to ramp up your new business sales, is to create a masterful content marketing strategy so that while you or your team are outbound prospecting for new customers, your ideal ones manage to find you!

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Here are the 5 steps your Content Marketing strategy needs to be ultra successful:

1.  Attract Your Ideal Prospect:  You need to attract visitors to you, your website and your brand. You need to craft the right message first and then you need to post that message on the right platform.  TAPinto is an exceptional platform to get your story out there and an excellent tool for search engine optimization.  It is what attracted me to the platform in the first place. 

2.  Capture Contact Information: Utilize call to actions that resonate in a post-COVID world.  Take the time to think about what will help and deliver value to your ideal customers.

3.  Engage in Good Conversations:  There has never been a more important time to engage in live human to human contact. People crave it.  Figure out the best way to offer your prospects good opportunities to engage with you in real time, face to face or at least via a live phone call.

4.  Create Winning Proposals:  Create proposals that maximize profit and deliver significant value. Be innovative in creating win-win agreements that are needed by your ideal clients.

5.  Close New Business:  None of the above matters if you can't close new business.  Sharpen the sales saw in your organization and get your team the resources they need to be successful.  Triple Win Sales can help with this!!

Most importantly of all, maintain a positive mindset and a resourceful spirit that encompasses grit and determination.  There will be winners coming out of this global pandemic.  We can help you be one of them!!


Laura Marie Ali is President of Triple Win Sales.  You can reach out to her at