FLORHAM PARK, NJ - The Florham Park Police Department Neighborhood Watch Program was kicked off at the 2015 National Night Out celebration. Since that time, the program has grown to include 70 block captains covering 37 streets.

The Police Department is always looking for new block captains to help them reach their goal of covering 100% of the streets in Florham Park. Block Captains help organize Neighborhood Watch Groups and are responsible for acting as a liaison between their block residents and the Neighborhood Watch Chairperson. This is accomplished by establishing a "phone tree" or email list and compiling and distributing a current list of names, addresses, and telephone numbers of their block participants. Additionally, discussing with neighbors crime problems, needs for assistance, and suggestions and forwarding those concerns to the Florham Park Police Department. Neighborhood Watch meetings & trainings are held by the Florham Park Police Department.

According to a 2008 U.S. Justice Department meta-analysis, Does Neighborhood Watch Reduce Crime?”, citizen policing programs were associated with a "significant reduction in crime" and there was an average of a 16% decrease in crime in Neighborhood Watch communities when compared with other control areas.

Anyone interested in more information regarding Neighborhood Watch should contact Detective Lieutenant Joseph Orlando at (973) 410-5440.