FLORHAM PARK, NJ- The Florham Park Senior Citizen’s Club came out en masse to present a petition to the council at Thursday’s Borough Council Meeting. Transportation was the topic of the evening as Florham Park’s senior citizens asked the council to provide the levels of public transportation that they require.

According to Morris County Human Services, Florham Park is one of only three municipalities that has no services available for picking up and driving seniors and the disabled. The Senior Citizen’s Club of Florham Park has over 230 members who all desire, and could benefit from, a senior citizen public transportation system. In that spirit, the Senior Citizen’s Club has compiled almost 200 surveys on the transportation needs of Florham Park seniors and has a petition with over 200 names attached that asks the council to look into this matter.

“Last month I awakened one morning with a severe stiff neck,” said Senior Citizen’s Club President, Charlene Sozansky. “This resulted in a rotator cuff problem and I was temporarily unable to drive. It can happen to any of us. It would have been comforting to know that if I needed it there would have been a car service available to me in Florham Park.”

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This is a real fear for many seniors who can easily find themselves unable to drive and in need of simple necessities. The county does offer a shuttle service for seniors known as the Morris Area Paratransit System or MAPS. The problem is that this program is limited merely to medical appointments and does not provide seniors with the access to other daily needs.

“The MAPS program is available for medical appointments only,” Sozansky went on to say. “It wouldn’t take us to grocery stores or anything like that.”

The Senior Citizen’s Club not only conducted and compiled the surveys, but has spent the last few months building a report based on the information they have gathered. It outlines not only evidence in favor of a transportation system for seniors, but ways that the town can put programs in place that are still cost effective to the borough.

“With today’s rapidly changing technologies, services like Uber and Lift are expanding into municipalities,” Sozansky pointed out. “They may be able to provide Florham Park with a quick economic solution to the transportation problem.”

The town council will now have time to look into this issue themselves and time will tell how this will shake out over the next few months.