Hanover Park has done it again. During their meeting on May 4th, the Hanover Park Board of Education gave a hearty congratulations to District Director of Transportation, Chris Bluett, and Hanover Park Regional's Transportation Department for being ranked first in New Jersey for efficiency once again this year. This marks a run of five consecutive years the department has claimed this honor, and a grand total of eight in the last ten years, distinguishing itself from many other programs in the state.

The district has been paving the way of transportation efficiency for the better part of two decades, being ranked first in Morris County for the last eighteen years. In fact, compared to other Morris County school districts Hanover Park blows the competition out of the water. According to New Jersey's state records for 2016, the DRTRS, or the District Report of Transported Resident Students, earned Hanover Park a DRTRS Utility rating of 4.04. The closest count for any other district in the county was 2.36 for Washington Township and the closest in the state was 3.37 for Upper Deerfield Township in Cumberland County. The districts efficiency rating is calculated by dividing student ridership by vehicle capacity.

The numbers clearly show the success of the Transportation Department's efforts to create an efficient student transportation system. This is aided by Hanover Park's commitment to shared services. "Shared services, as you have heard me say before," began Hanover Park's Board Secretary and Business Administrator, William Albert Jr., "the district has been doing shared services long before the state deemed it to be cool and a great thing to do. We do a litany of them, anywhere from natural gas to electric telecommunications and...shared busing. We have been doing these for decades." 

A congratulations to the Hanover Park Regional Transportation Department, the dedicated drivers and technicians, and all of those involved in this accomplishment. As the years roll on we can hopefully count on this commitment to efficiency to continue to set standards for New Jersey public schools.