EAST HANOVER, NJ- After years of a less than enthusiastic spirit week, Hanover Park’s senior class president, Lindsey Schiffner, decided it’s time for a change.

“I talked to my council, my seniors, and we just didn’t want to do the same thing that they did last year,” the senior said.

According to Schiffner, the typical theme of jersey day was often tough for girls to participate in. Instead, this year’s themes were different. Starting off with pajama day on Monday and Christmas in September on Tuesday, the week progressed with the three traditional themes the school always has: pink out for breast cancer awareness, America day and color war among the grades. In order to increase participation, the school offered a bagel breakfast to the wining grade.

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“Each grade gets points,” she said. “Every morning, the homeroom teachers will count who’s wearing the specific thing, and they count them up for each grade, and you get points at the pep rally for games, whoever wins the games.”

After a very close race, the junior class won this year’s bagel breakfast. In addition to the themed days, student council painted posters to decorate the commons. The tradition began last year.

“We invited all of student council,” Schiffner said. “We had people from each grade, but not the freshmen cause they had just gotten chosen. It was seniors, juniors and sophomores, and we all came in on Saturday, and we just did this. It took almost all of the day. It was a big project.”

The senior credited various social media platforms for the significant increase in participation among the grades. Student council utilized Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to advertise spirit week to the entire school. 

“You have to be passionate about it if you’re on student council, or no one else is going to be,” the class president said. “I think that’s the biggest thing is just really telling people we’re all doing this. We want the bagel breakfast, and people will join in if they know that everyone’s going to do it with them.”

Although spirit week has come and gone, students can look forward to additional events run by the student council. The powder puff game is currently planned for Thanksgiving break. Also, Mr. HP, a mock beauty pageant for boys, is making a comeback right before Christmas break. Although participation is limited to the senior boys, all are welcome to watch. One of the final events before senior prom is the color run, a spring event in support of two Hanover Park teachers that passed away.