HANOVER TOWNSHIP, N.J.- The Hanover Township Tigers Cheer Squad  is made up of 26 girls from 3rd and 4th Grades. This was the first year that these girls, moms and coaches were merged into one  big happy family. The are the Precision Sports Performance Team Spotlight.
The Coaching is overseen by five mothers, Julie, DiMuzio, Lisette Laracca, Patty Leach, Nancy Leone, and Leslie Sica. The hands on coaching is done by a seventh grade Tiger Cheerleader and two Whippany Park Cheerleaders who were former Tigers. For each game the squad cheers  from the side lines and performs a half-time routine. The year they cheered their football team on this year to a 5 - 3 season. The clinic football team was also made up of 3rd and 4th graders. For Home games the girls decorate a banner for the football players to run through before the start of each game. 
This season, the squad cheered on the team in a Gold Out game in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness. Each girl had their hair sprayed gold and wore a gold ribbon in their hair. 
Every October the squad cheers with pink poms poms and wears a special pink hair bow in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For the last game of the season the cheer squad hand delivered a goodie bag to each football players home as a way to say good luck and thank you for a great season.
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