The students at Holy Family School in Florham Park were visited today by PWC, Price Water House. This is the first of four annual visits.  Each visit focuses o a different part of the Financial Literacy Curriculum provided by PWC.  Today, the K-1 grade learned about different coin values and wants and needs.  The 2-4th grade focused on eating nutritious whole food compared to processed foods.  They compared the cost to many foods and found that the more nutritious meals made with fresh ingredients are a lot healthier and less expensive.  The middle school students were educated about credit scores, credit cards and savings.  Peter Nicolas, in charge of learning development at PWC was at Holy Family School with numerous volunteers.  Their goal is to provide one million service hours to address financial literacy in this country to more than 2.5 million students in grades k-12.   This program matches the same values we teach at Holy Family School everyday.  We believe that we should all be a service to others.