EAST HANOVER, N.J. - For the 2017-2018 school year, East Hanover hired about twenty new teachers for their schools. Ms. Alexis Zammataro is the new third grade teacher at Central Elementary School. After working in the Rockaway Township school district last year as a Basic Skills Instructor, she joined the teaching team at Central Elementary in East Hanover.

Zammataro attended Montclair State University where she received her degree in Family and Child Studies with a concentration in Families, Children, and School Settings. She is certified to teach in any grade from Kindergarten to the sixth grade.

She stated, “I wanted to become a teacher because it’s very rewarding to work with children and see their growth and development over time. My learning experiences in elementary school made me want to become a teacher, so that I can help children overcome obstacles just like my teachers have done for me.”

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With her first job as a Basic Skills Instructor in Rockaway Township, Zammataro explained, “Basic Skills Instruction is a program that helps students who are struggling in math to work in a small group instruction setting. [It] allowed me to work with a small group of students and adapt my instruction to fit their needs and reinforce what they were learning in the classroom.”

Outside of being a teacher, she is a Yankees fan, a hiker, a traveler, and a foodie. She has hiked through the Delaware Water Gap in Mt. Tammany, the “Stairway to Heaven” in Vernon, and the Pyramid Mountain in Boonton. Zammataro has traveled to different states like upstate New York, Rhode Island, Florida, and Maryland. Food is also a passion of hers.

“I follow food accounts on Instagram, which is where I get my ideas. I’ve eaten dessert pizza, [ate at] Artichoke Basille Pizza in New York City, frozen s'mores, drank milk out of edible cookie cups, gourmet doughnuts, French onion soup dumplings, acai bowls, French toast breakfast sandwich, [and] burgernut (burger with glazed donuts as buns). My next stop is to try the edible cookie dough in New York City and go to the Sugar Factory for dessert.”