New York Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles was interviewed on June 13th. He was asked by the attending media about the quarterback situation with mini camp underway.

Deja vu. Blah, blah, blah. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda.

When asked why he is still considering Josh McCown at QB when the team is trying to move on to the next generation, Bowles replied, "Even when you go to kindergarten, somebody has to be the teacher."

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????????? What ?

When Bowles was asked how that is applicable to the Jets current situation, he replied," You're not going to have everybody young. You're going to have the majority of the team young, (but) you're not going to have everybody young. You're going to have some guys on your team that have played some years."

Does he mean a guy who's currently three years older than our last "older" quarterback on the team is going to show Petty and Hackenberg how to be a quarterback. Do we really want to relive those memories of the last two years ?

After reading this mumbo jumbo aren't you really asking yourself if this is not the newest New York Jets quarterback debacle at its best.

Let's move on to our young guy, Bryce Petty, who was interviewed on 6/14. He's been a New York Jet since 2015. When asked if he feels like the starting quarterback job is a three way competition heading into training camp, Petty replied, "I look at it every day to be the starter. Since I got here, that mentality, that mindset hasn't changed."

When asked on how much confidence he has after getting playing time last year, he replied, "It helped a lot. Just being in there. You can learn from mental reps but there's just something to be said about getting in there..."

Wow, I just don't feel deep emotions of devotion and dedication when I read these quotes. I don't feel excitement. I just paid my season tickets bill. C'mon, give me something more. I'm really missing the passion that the players and coaches worked hard to get him where he is today. I think a motivational speaker at team practice just might help these guys. Something. Anything.

I'm not impressed yet. Maybe we'll see some sparks by preseason.