EAST HANOVER, NJ- The final nail was placed into the coffin of the Just Pups saga as “Just Pups” pet stores and owner Vincent LoSacco have agreed to never sell pets in New Jersey again as of Monday, July 24th. East Hanover, along with East Brunswick, Emerson and Paramus closed the door on LoSacco’s businesses earlier this year and the entirety New Jersey has now followed suit in light of the over 400 counts of animal cruelty and neglect that were levied against him by state and local authorities.

Just Pups faced several accusations over their final months of operation in East Hanover. These included accounts of illegal import of animals and the subpar conditions of cages, bedding and water supplies. Several of the puppies were also found to have communicable diseases including giardia and kennel cough, some that were not properly quarantined and kept with the general populace.

Attorney General Christopher S. Porrino announced that LoSacco has now agreed to permanently cease the selling of animals throughout the state. In addition to this, the pet store owner faces $326,000 in settlements for allegations of consumer fraud regarding the health of animals he had sold and failure to reimburse for animals that ended up sick or dead as a result of Just Pup’s practices.

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“We’re pleased to finally close the book on Vincent LoSacco’s long and troubled history of selling puppies in this state,” said Attorney General Porrino. “By permanently banning him from New Jersey’s pet sales industry, we are not only protecting consumers from fraud, we are shielding families from the heartache of unwittingly purchasing a sick puppy and then being forced to choose between paying costly vet fees or losing their pet.”

The settlement with the Division of Consumer Affairs sees that Just Pups is permanently banned from ever opening its doors in New Jersey again and that LoSacco is forever refrained from selling animals in the state in any capacity. This includes as an owner, employee, consultant or independent contractor at any pet store, kennel or breeding establishment. New Jersey General Assembly Members Nancy Pinkin and Joseph Lagana have also recently introduced a bill that will see the end of pet stores in New Jersey selling dogs from puppy mills.

“Buying a puppy is an emotional investment as well a financial investment. We will not allow unscrupulous pet stores to deliberately deceive consumers in this very important purchase,” said Steve Lee, Director of the Division of Consumer Affairs. “As this action shows, we will vigorously enforce the laws in place to protect consumers from suffering the emotional and financial cost of purchasing a puppy suffering from an undiagnosed or undisclosed illness.”

East Hanover pet lovers can rest easier now knowing that Just Pups and their practices are out of their community, out of their county and indeed now, out of their state.