FLORHAM PARK, NJ- Florham Park’s Little Red Schoolhouse turns 150 this year and the Historic Preservation Commission and the Friends of the Little Red Schoolhouse and Hancock Cemetery are kicking off a whole year of events with a cocktail party in honor of the iconic landmark.

Originating even before the creation of the borough in 1899, the school was active as “Columbia School District #5” at its start in 1867. The schoolhouse continued operating as the Borough's only public school building until 1914 and was added to the National Registry of Historic Places in 1973. The building’s birthday is in February, but there are events being planned across the course of the year to raise funds for the preservation and restoration of the schoolhouse.

The first event of the year long celebration will be a kick off cocktail party on February 28th at the Brooklake Country Club in Florham Park. The event will feature an evening of food, beverages and conversation as well as a speech by Mayor Mark Taylor. The Historic Preservation Commission will be unveiling their goals for the ongoing preservation of the building and improvements that will go a long way to seeing the schoolhouse stand for another 150 years. The event will cost $60 per guest, all of the profits will go directly to supporting the schoolhouse and its future improvement needs.

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The cocktail party will be held from 6:30pm to 10:00pm the night of the 28th and is being organized by the Florham Park Historic Preservation Commission and the Friends of the Little Red School House and Hancock Cemetery. Other events to be held throughout the Sesquicentennial Celebration will also be announced that evening. To support the schoolhouse and its projects the event will also see the launch of several Florham Park and Little Red Schoolhouse themed items. These novelties will include bookmarks, challenge coins, dog collars, puzzles, chocolate coins, pens and more.

There will be two different candles available for purchase, one period appropriate and unscented, staying true to how candles would have been made in the 1860s, and the other will be red and apple scented in honor of Florham Park’s rich agricultural history. There will even be a Florham Park themed children’s coloring book entitled “F is for Florham Park” that will take children through the alphabet with items and places from Florham Park’s history. These items will be available for purchase at the event and can be purchased after the event by contacting Suzanne Herold at suzannesherold@gmail.com. The proceeds from the sale of these items will go directly to supporting the schoolhouse.

Do not miss this chance to support the history and culture of Florham Park. Tickets are on sale now and will continue to be sold until February 10th. To order your tickets please email Suzanne Herold at suzannesherold@gmail.com or visit the Florham Park Recreation Department.