Morristown, NJ - In December of 2018, Reid Cappel, Harding, NJ resident and Atlantic Health EMS employee, turned to the community to ask for help in finding him a kidney donor. After years of living with only one kidney, his doctors informed him that the remaining one was only functioning at 20%. He would now need a kidney transplant.

"Growing up I had a lot of stomach issues", said Cappel. "When I was 21 years old, they found a massive tumor where the other kidney should have been. Luckily it wasn't cancerous, but I've been dealing with Chronic Kidney Disease since then."

Before Cappel could consider a transplant, doctors told him he would first have to lose at least 40 lbs. Cappel didn't skip a beat. He underwent Gastric Sleeve Surgery & began working out at Full Time Fitness with owner Matt Scarfo and trainer Anna Rusinskaia. 

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"Reid is focused, driven, & determined to improve his health & fitness, said Scarfo. 

With  help of Scarfo & Rusinskaia, Cappel has currently lost 105 lbs, and is ready for a kidney transplant.

"When I started working with Reid, he was a little apprehensive, but committed to giving me his best, and that he did", said Rusinskaia.  He’s told me he sleeps better, moves easier, and looks forward to each and every workout."

Everything has changed for me for the better", Cappel said. "I'm excited for the doctors to begin the testing process and looking forward to finding a donor."

Now the man who has dedicated his life to helping others, the man who has helped his community, needs our help. He needs a kidney donor.

"I need a kidney transplant", Cappel said. "This will save my life."

Donna Tissot has been advocating for Reid for well over a year and is determined to find him a donor, but you can help too. Reid needs Blood Type B or O, but if your blood type doesn't match Reid's type his hospital accepts the paired exchange program. Here is an example of how the paired exchange program works and how multiple lives could be saved.

Please fill out the Living Donor Referral form, indicate on the form donor for Reid Cappel, and submit.

Please feel free to call Donna Tissot at 973-714-7016 or email with any questions.

Please be assured she will lead you in the right direction. There is no greater gift than The Gift of Life. Please consider becoming an organ donor because miracles happen everyday and you could be the one to save Reid's life. Give him the time to enjoy his family and live his life to the fullest.