FLORHAM PARK, NJ - As police officers continue to find themselves among national scandals and shootings, local citizens have teamed up to show their support for the men and women in blue.

Recently, a Parsippany resident, Sandy Nussbaum-Giercyk, decided to design car clip visors to better convey her sentiments. Giercyk drew several sketches before posting her creation in the Moms Helping Moms in Morris County Facebook group.

Soon after, Rosie Posie Boutique NJ responded saying she could bring the drawings to life. The gift quickly grew bigger than expected, taking on the name “Protect Serve Stay Safe.”

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“Like many, I am saddened that those who put their lives on the line every day to protect us are now targets just because of their profession,” Giercyk stated.

Her original plan was to raise enough money to donate her clips solely to the Parsippany Police Department. With the help of several moms in the Facebook group, Giercyk’s plans quickly changed. They will now be providing visor clips to every patrol car in Morris County, totaling just over 1,100 vehicles. This includes park police, the Sheriff’s department, state police and the Picatinny Arsenal Force. In addition, nine towns outside of Morris County will also be provided with the clips for their police departments.

Despite starting this project less than two weeks ago, one third of the county goal has been reached. The very first batch of clips will be delivered this coming week. However, Giercyk is hoping to inspire others to continue to get involved.

A Facebook page was created with order details. It also has a list of towns still in need of donations. Currently, three East Hanover squad cars and ten Florham Park vehicles are waiting to be sponsored. All donations for the $5 visor clips can be made here.

Giercyk hopes that these small gifts will help police officers remember that there are still many people who appreciate them.

“As kids, we grew up idealizing police officers as superheroes, and while there is a part of them that certainly is, they are people under the uniforms like everyone else. They have families who love them and want them home at night. Their job has an inherent danger, but we couldn’t survive without them. A little show of support in these crazy, unsteady times goes a long way.”