FLORHAM PARK, NJ – The London Day School in Florham Park, New Jersey had their sixth annual student art show and auction on February 25 at the new location of Brighton Gardens of Florham Park. Each student from The London Day School had an original piece of artwork on display, pieces they had worked over the past month. Some of the art features a theme of using student hand prints and heartwarming sayings focusing on the joy of youth.

“The show is great! It really gives the children a sense of accomplishment and showcases the value of their work”, said Eleanny Wernecke whose daughter is in the Rising 3’s Class. “They grow so fast, it is really nice memorabilia to have”.

The halls were covered in artwork from the various classes with designs ranging from Bee’s made from hand prints sending a message to ‘Bee Kind’ and peace signs reminding the viewer to Love the world to ‘peaces’, to bird houses with the student’s pictures inside.  The students love seeing their artwork showcased outside of school with their fellow classmates. Some alumni of the school even come back to see the show.

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“It’s great, we started here when my daughter was younger, and to see how much they have grown, it’s great for my son to see that as well, who is currently attending.” said one LDS parent. Everywhere you turned someone was raving about the amazing programs and that their children learn so much from the wonderful community LDS fosters.

The art show also featured some one of-a-kind pieces, made especially by each of the classes, which were silently auctioned off to the highest bidder. It was a great opportunity for art show goers to win a one-of-a-kind creation for their home made by the students. Each class makes two canvases in which they decide the theme for the artwork as a group.

In the older classes, each student had the opportunity to actually paint a part of their class’s canvas. “As we get older we lose our creativity” said the Director of the London Day School. “Exposing them at a young age to different mediums of art is so important. We also have an art studio in the school. With a school curriculum there is expectance, but in the studio the students can build their own creativity from a young age”.  

Brighton Gardens of Florham Park is a premier senior living community located at 21 Ridgedale Avenue in Florham Park New Jersey offering tailored services and various care levels to fit different needs. It is The London Day School’s first time holding the art show and auction here, but not their first time working with Brighton Gardens. Over the past three years LDS and Brighton Gardens have built a relationship residents visit the school monthly, interacting and reading with the children.

“The residents love it because they feel a sense of purpose and are just so grateful to be involved. The children love interacting with the residents and the residents love visiting the school and engaging with these bright young minds” says Gail Lombardi, the clubs Director. “The art show was absolutely beautiful. They present artwork anyone would want to hang on a wall, myself included.

For more information about The London Day School visit: www.londondayschool.com or call the school directly to schedule a tour at (973) 377-0311.