EAST HANOVER, NJ- Christina Cosenzo is a woman who is ready to take on the world. As she embarks on her journey of becoming a senior at Hanover Park in the Fall, she already knows what she wants to do. She wants to be like her role model; her mom.

Christina’s mom is the woman of the house. She was able to get her dream job of being a pharmacist to provide for her family and that’s what Christina is leaning towards. She said in an in-person interview that “she would either like to be a pharmacist or an engineer.” She even knows which schools she wants to apply to: Stevens, Rutgers, University of Michigan (which is her favorite college team), and University of Connecticut, among others.

However, that is not it for this young lady. This summer she is travelling to Lawrenceville, NJ to participate in the New Jersey Scholars Program. She is one of thirty-nine students chosen after an intensive process of writing papers and doing interviews to get the privilege of being a part of this program. She is very excited and proud to be a part of this elite group.