EAST HANOVER, NJ- Victoria Agaliotis was a junior at Hanover Park High School. She will be going back as a senior in September. She’s already accomplished much in her three years at Hanover Park and plans on accomplishing more.

She takes AP classes in a plethora of subjects, including chemistry, Spanish, literature, and physics, among others. Once she graduates from Hanover Park in 2018, she wants to go to school to become a chemical engineer. She is looking at schools like Lehigh University, Georgia Tech, and Bucknell University.

During the summer, she will be visiting those colleges, as well as attending gymnastics and a pole vault club (her favorite event to perform in track). She will also be participating in a summer program at Stevens University. According to the university’s website, this is a “pre-college program” where students “can explore [their] ideas and interests in a pressure-free, inspiring academic environment that welcomes big thinkers.”

They will also “create something from start to finish” (like a business plan, a short animation, etc.), which will help strengthen their college application.