EAST HANOVER, NJ- Rishi Shah embodies the word caring. He was a sophomore at Hanover Park High School and will be a junior when he returns in September. He has made an impact in school; however, he has had an incredible impact outside of school, as well.

About a year ago, he saved his grandfather’s life by giving him CPR. After that incident, he decided to get his CPR certification and now volunteers as an EMT. He also received a leadership award from Novartis. He wants to become a surgeon in the future and he hopes to make a positive impact on society. He said in an interview that if he could have one special power, “it would be the ability to go back or forward in time to help family, friends, or anyone who was in need.”

During the summer, he will continue volunteering as an EMT, but he will also prep for the SAT, and do some training for track. The three events that he performs are shot put, discus, and the 100-meter. His main goal for track is to get to nationals.