Since her freshman year, Hanover Park’s Ava Gammo has used her love for others to help unite the girls’ varsity basketball team.

“I always want to make sure everyone gets the chance to get their share of having the ball,” the senior said.

Gammo learned to incorporate her ability to map out plays both in and out of the game. In addition to seeing the court and always looking for the extra pass, the basketball player has used her skills to enhance her decision making.

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“I’m really good with time management now,” Gammo said. “I think about how this could affect me with basketball or school.”

Despite her gift of encouraging others, the student-athlete admitted to being her own biggest critic.

“I am definitely hard on myself,” she said.

Although she confessed her lack in self-confidence on the court, Gammo has achieved several accomplishments during her high school years. The point guard was a part of the first New Jersey team to win the Rose Classic Tournament during her time with the New Jersey Panthers. Additionally, she played with D1 players such as Blair Watson of the University of Maryland and Abby Schubiger of Colgate University.

Gammo hopes to cash in on the Hornets’ unity and add another conference championship win to the list.

“We’re a veteran team,” the senior said. “We’ve been playing with each other since middle school. We know each other really well.”

Name: Ava Gammo

Grade: 12

Sport(s): basketball

Position(s): point guard/ guard

Fun fact about yourself: I love to help people and put a smile on someone’s face.

Fun Facts

Dream job: nurse practitioner

Pet peeve: chewing with your mouth open

Role model: my sister


Show on Netflix: Grey’s Anatomy

Movie: Drumline

Sport to watch: football

Professional team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Food: sushi

Vacation: Jersey Shore

Just For Fun

Biggest accomplishment so far: playing with D1 players

Choose a super-power and why: read minds, curious/interested

Best class you’ve taken at HP: Anatomy

Best teacher you’ve had at HP: Coach Wear

Where someone can find you after school: basketball practice