EAST HANOVER, NJ- Since beginning his soccer career in kindergarten, Hanover Park’s Jack Camporeale has learned to balance his academic gifting with his athletic responsibilities.

Although school comes naturally to the student, Camporeale understands the sacrifices associated with being a varsity athlete.

“I can’t take multiple rigorous academic courses at the same time,” the senior said. “I can’t take two or three AP classes. I have to take one at a time. I’ve had to spread it out over the last two years since I’ve been playing varsity, and the practices are longer.”

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Despite juggling his heavy course load and attending practice every day, Camporeale said managing his social life is rather easy. Highlighting HP’s family mentality, the senior discussed the team’s ability to come together as not just colleagues, but also friends. The bond they have created showed in their ability to surpass the expectations they had for the season.

“Last year, we lost 10, 15 seniors, and everyone was like, ‘Oh, you guys aren’t going to be that good,’ but we actually did better than the team did last year,” Camporeale said.

Although the senior’s many goals are largely in part to his capability to get open, he was proud to share the team’s pre-game ritual: listening to rap, sing-along songs from the 80s or 90s and jock jams.

Come on Eileen is probably the number one,” Camporeale said. 

Name: Jack Camporeale

Grade: 12

Sport(s): soccer, basketball

Position(s): striker, midfield

Stats: 9 goals and 5 assists

Fun Facts

Favorite quote: “A lion does not concern itself with the opinion of a sheep.”

Dream job: osteopathic physician

Pet peeve: nails on a chalkboard

Role model: my dad

Greatest goal you hope to accomplish in life: finish med school


Song to work out to: Do What I Want by Lil Uzi

Show on Netflix: The Office

Movie: Dark Knight

Sport to watch: basketball

College team: Rutgers

Professional team: Cleveland Cavaliers, USA soccer national team men’s, NY Yankees, NY Giants

Food: penne Bolognese  

Vacation: Connecticut vacation home

Just For Fun

Biggest accomplishment so far: exceeding expectations

Best class you’ve taken at HP: Intro to Business

Best teacher you’ve had at HP: Mr. Ott, Ms. Minsavage

Where someone can find you after school: soccer/basketball practice

Someone not to have dinner with: Stephen Hawking