EAST HANOVER, NJ- During last weekend’s tournament, four-year varsity letter winner, Lou Raimo, reached a monument in his wrestling career at Hanover Park.

“The one major thing I wanted to do throughout high school was get my 100th win,” Raimo said.

After approximately 12 years of being on the mat, the 132-pounder did exactly that.

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“I was just really happy,” the senior said. “If it was individual, I probably would have celebrated more. I was more worried about if we were going to win as a team.”

In the week leading up to the tournament, Raimo reached out to his coach. The two went over all of his wins and realized that there was a strong possibility he would accomplish such a feat that weekend. Despite both the pressure and excitement, Raimo used his motto, “Stay positive no matter what,” to achieve his goal. Ultimately, his hard work and perseverance paid off. 

“I put wrestling first,” he said. “I do everything for wrestling first.”

Even though Raimo is unsure of his future upon graduating, he knows the family legacy will carry on through his younger brother, Nick.

“I have one more year, and then he takes the spotlight,” Raimo said. “I do me, and he does him.”

Name: Lou Raimo

Grade: 12

Sport: wrestling

Fun Facts

Role model: Floyd Mayweather 

Greatest goal you hope to accomplish in life: be successful


Song to work out to: "Grove St. Party" by Waka Flocka Flame

Show on Netflix: Narcos

Movie: Wolf of Wall Street 

Sport to watch: UFC

College team: Oregon

Professional team: Giants

Food: steak

Just For Fun

Biggest accomplishment so far: 100 wins

Choose a super-power and why: fly, get places very quick

Secret talent no one knows about you: can walk on my hands 

Best class you’ve taken at HP: Film Study

Best teacher you’ve had at HP: Ms. Kelly

Where someone can find you after school: home