EAST HANOVER, NJ- Despite winning two consecutive Fargo National Championships, Hanover Park’s Nick Raimo was not a big fan of wrestling in his earlier years.

“When I first started, I hated it. I quit, and then I got back into it like a year or two after that, and then I loved it,” the sophomore said.

After following his older brother’s lead, Raimo truly kicked off his career in second grade. Over the years, the athlete has learned how to block out distractions and simply focus. While most teenagers are enjoying their free time, Raimo finds himself either working out at the high school or practicing at Apex, a wrestling school in Mahwah. The sophomore’s hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed. Last Sunday, he competed in “Who’s #1,” a wrestling invitational at Lehigh University to see who is the best high school wrestler in the nation.

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“I felt really good about it because just the fact to be picked to wrestle in that match is really important to me,” Raimo said. “I remember going there watching when I was in like 7th, 8th grade, and I was like, ‘Wow. I really want to wrestle there.’”

Although college will most likely be in his future, the young athlete has even higher aspirations.

“I definitely want to try out for world teams, Olympic teams,” Raimo said. “I tried out for the world team this year, and I took third at the trials. I got one more year.”

Name: Nick Raimo

Grade: 10th

Sport: wrestling

Stats: just competed in the “Who’s #1 Wrestling Invitational” at Lehigh University; won consecutive Fargo National Championships past two summers

Fun Facts

Role model: Jordan Burroughs


Movie: Pain & Gain

Sport to play: wrestling

Sport to watch: wrestling

College team: Rutgers

Professional team: Jets

Food: steak

Vacation: Mexico

Just For Fun

Celebrity look-a-like: Mark Wahlberg

Best class you’ve taken at HP: Gym

Best teacher you’ve had at HP: Coach Branham

Where someone can find you after school: my house/ gym

If it were possible, what great wrestler from the past would you want to wrestle against in the prime of both of your careers? Jordan Boroughs. He actually just announced his retirement yesterday. Not happy at all. He’s one of the best wrestlers to ever wrestle. Like a three time world champ, Olympic champ.