FLORHAM PARK, NJ - Florham Park's Mayor Mark Taylor issued the following thank you statement on Florham Park's Community Forum:

I would just like to thank JCP&L for all their hard work since the storm hit us on Tuesday. It has been a hard and long road back but we are almost there. I also want to Thank our Chief of Police Joe Orlando and OEM coordinator Sergeant Dan Bundschuh, Sergeant Mike Thomas and all of our Police officers for a job well done. I also have to say thank you to the DPW team members that worked right after the storm left us and then all week and Saturday to help to get the roads open and ready for the JCP&L linemen to get to work. I want to say thank you to MasTec electric out of North Carolina and the Madison Electric company for coming to our aid. I know everyone including me has been Frustrated with the power outages and the internet issues. I have been on the streets of Florham Park talking with our neighbors and friends assuring them that JCP&L has the information and the work orders to get the jobs done. They may not report that when you call in but we have a master list of all outages. It has been a log jam and our team members of OEM, Chief Orlando and myself have been calling texting and getting responses. As of 6:00 PM this evening we made some real progress throughout the town today. Old Mill, Elm, Crane Lane, the remaining homes on Rockwood and many others including the Sewer Plant on Vreeland Road are now on Electric and off of generator power.
I hope that we see Optimum back up and running with internet for people to get back to work from home in as short a time span as possible. We suffered major damage here in Florham Park and dealing with the nuts and bolts as i have been, I see why it has taken as long as it has to get these areas cleared and re-wired. I hope everyone is safe.

Mayor Mark