FLORHAM PARK, NJ- The most recent Florham Park Board of Education Meeting saw a visit from Morris County School Board Association President Karen Cortellino. The practicing doctor and school board association president came to the podium shortly after many bright young scholars were recognized for their recent achievements both in the school and at state levels. Her first order of business was to congratulate these exceptional young men and women and the teachers who had dedicated themselves to their educational success.

President Cortellino then went on to her main purpose for attending the meeting saying, “For the past two years or so, we have had a goal to improve relationships, networking and general knowledge of what happens at the Morris County School Board Association with an eye at increasing attendance.” This goal has seen the association make trips to visit all 41 of the constituent school boards of the county and is reaching its completion with only 1 school remaining after their visit to Florham Park.

“I’m here tonight” President Cortellino continued, “to try to convince you to come on out for 5 more meetings a year. I know how busy school board members are. I know it’s not just 2 meetings a month and you are involved in committee meetings and the like.” This is undoubtedly true with the recent work the board has undertaken. Alongside Superintendent Varley, the Florham Park School Board has been progressing steadily with an overhaul of the outdated policies and regulations of past years. This is easily evidenced by the sheer number of policy and regulation items in the board’s minutes numbering well over 100 in this month’s alone.

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In spite of the already hectic schedule of our dedicated school board members, the School Board Association asks for these meetings in the name of learning and cooperation. “After all, it’s what we’re in the business of doing.” President Cortellino pointed out, “Our responsibility as board members is learning. Over the past few years our keynote presentations have included the Department of Education talks on PARCC and the Common Core…We also do something called Good News and Sharing…This program involves school districts showcasing programs they are really proud of, programs that perhaps you have here that you would like to share with the rest of Morris County…We can then bring that back to our own school board and maybe there are programs we want to do.”

These meetings are designed to facilitate discussion and the sharing of ideas between school boards to create the best programs for the students of Morris County. Florham Park has done a great job with their educational system and this would provide the board with a way to highlight the school’s accomplishments and to take back new and innovative ideas and teaching styles. Florham Park’s Board of Education Meeting showed the commitment of both our local institution and the county’s to the education of every child in the district.