MORRISTOWN, NJ - The Connecticut man accused by police of causing a bomb scare Tuesday was not arrested, and then freed, as was originally announced by town officials, police said today. They are now saying he was never placed under arrest.

In a "correction and clarification" distributed Wednesday, Morristown police said the individual involved in the bomb scare was only taken, without his objection, to the police station for an interview. Following the interview, the Morris County Prosecutor's Office and the Morristown Bureau of Police decided the man's actions did not warrant an arrest or charges, police said.

Prior to the clarification, authorities released information saying the man, Nick Cole, of New London, Conn., was arrested, but later released, after being identified as the person who left two pieces of luggage in a local Starbucks and made comments about them that caused a bomb scare.

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Police said Cole left the items in the Starbucks at 40 North Park Place at about 2:46 p.m. They said they were called to the store by employees because Cole "made comments that they deemed alarming and then walked out of the store, leaving the items behind."

In a press release on the day of the incident, Morristown Mayor Timothy Dougherty said he was "disappointed our Police Department was not authorized to charge this person with a crime." Dougherty reasoned that Cole "created a false public alarm, wasted valuable Town and County resources" and he called Cole's behavior "simply inexcusable.”

The incident happened at the same time authorities were investigating bombings, and attempted bombings, in New Jersey and New York City.