Hi everyone!  We find ourselves at the end of May already! 

How have you been spending your time these last few months?  

Are you struggling with trying to eat healthy, fit in some exercise, spend time in nature? Are you sleeping ok?  How would you rate your mood most of the time - feeling a sense of worry, frustration, anger, possibly some sadness?  You are not alone.

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I am asking because I have definitely been confronted with all of those struggles - and even way before the pandemic.  In order to feel a little better physically and emotionally, I am using this quieter time to cultivate a practice of adding a few healthy habits to my routine - one of which is YOGA! 

I wish to share with you an amazing local studio, 3 BIRDS, in Florham Park. They are offering a variety of yoga classes which include live-streaming online and a comprehensive on-demand library!!!!  They are beginner friendly, well-rounded in their approach and welcome people at any level of their practice!  Click here to check out their website:  threebirdsyogastudio.com    

This is a great opportunity to support a local business, learn practices to ease your mind, stretch your body and embrace the positive effects of movement and breath.  I imagine that you will feel much better in your body and lighter emotionally as you navigate through this crazy life even through participating in one class… supplemented with some form of cardio and your strength training routine.  

If this is your first time attending a yoga class at 3 BIRDS, you would qualify for their amazing New Student Special rate!  I really encourage you all to give it a try!  

Strength + Yoga + Cardio = One Healthy Body!!!! 

If you are trying to create an exercise routine, please let me help you.  Schedule a FaceTime or Zoom Health Coaching Session, Pilates or Strength Training Session at annpelinointegrativefitness.com with me to get started.  Don’t worry about having equipment because I will take care of designing a routine to meet your needs with or without it.

Keep taking care of yourself and remember, you have the power to change any habit that isn’t serving your full potential.  

Now is the time.  Make it happen.  

There is support out there for YOU to be your best version of YOURSELF!  

The world needs YOU :)

In good health,