My Country.

Ladies, gentlemen, friends, and family:

I came upon this July 4th, this Independence Day with a heavy heart. I looked around my country that I thought I loved and cherished and I saw brokenness, hurting, disunity, and unloving all around. I saw people who would rather distinguish each other on skin color over character, physical geography over personal experience, and appearance over love. I saw a country that had forgotten we are all created equal, endowed by the almighty God with inalienable rights. I saw a country that has taken our flag and turned it into a symbol of hate and division rather than love and unity. But I realized I did not see my country on this 4th of July, this 2020 Independence Day; no, I saw a country that only exists in a few people's eyes. A country that some want us to see on the tv, and through the radio.

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But that country is hard to find in my life. Because my country is one founded on love, unity, morals, and equality, under God, and full of liberty, abounding in Justice and mercy; charity and grace. Because my country is still the greatest country in the world. My country not only is the richest country around, but also the most generous. I credit that to good values instilled in us by a society founded on biblical morals. My country is the freest country on earth, and I chalk that up to a society that values mankind and equality, life and liberty over personal welfare and personal happiness. In my country the common man sees another in need, and he delivers with a gift of whatever he can to help that person fill their need. My country (though some may want to squash life before it has a chance to defend itself or to speak for itself) has a voice for the unheard. And is fighting every day for those lives to be valued just as much as the ones we can see and hear every day. My country is a country where you can start with nothing and become successful because you want to work hard and make a better life for you and your family. My country is one that values religious liberties just as much as personal and political ones. My country is America, and I am and always will be proud of it, no matter who tries to take it away. I will stand for it, I will fight for it, and I will live to hold its' values right behind the values of God and the Bible, because if we can hold a country that stays true to its' values and looks to the Bible for its' moral guidance than we can and will remain the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. And that is a fact.

Independence Day has come and gone on the calendar, but it is always in my heart. For me every day is Independence Day because I am a Christian saved by the grace of God, given mercy every day that covers my awful and horrendous sins against God and I am living in the greatest country in the world, no matter how much some people try to make me forget that, I will always be proud to say I am an American!