EAST HANOVER, N.J.- The New Jersey Coalition for Education and Positive Choices is rapidly becoming a household name all over the state.  Word is spreading about the many initiatives being instituted by this unique, powerful group that provides the community with facts and information in the fight against drug and alcohol abuse. The importance of introducing kids to new activities and promoting substance-free events that keep them occupied (such as sports, exercise, career days, teen dances and activities with law enforcement) is of paramount concern when providing ways to raise self-esteem.  The Coalition is a pro-active team compromised of elected officials, law enforcement, educational leaders and concerned citizens who are up to date on the latest crazes and abuses that are plaguing our children.

Please join officers and police departments from all over the state at the Coalition’s Third Annual Law Enforcement Night Friday, March 1, at Mennen Arena.  It is at this event that youngsters get to see firsthand how law enforcement officers are positive influences in our community.  Law Enforcement Night has been known to further develop these relationships often providing career opportunities for teens who might not have ever considered such a path.  

The array of machinery on display is truly impressive. Kids are able to ride the horses provided by the Park Police, see the Morris County Hope Van, jump in ambulances and emergency vehicles, wear riot gear, try on handcuffs and engage the law enforcement community in a fun atmosphere.  

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The important aspect to remember here is that law enforcement is trained to make kids feel safe and important.  Confidence and self-esteem go a long way in helping a child say no to his peers when the time arises.

Mission of NJC4EPC

To increase awareness of current trends in the drug epidemic and foster a positive lifestyle for our youth is the primary goal. One of the intents of the Coalition is to become the New Jersey hub to provide and disseminate information to parents, family members and the community.