MADISON, NEW JERSEY- We constantly hear about women who raise the bar of equality in the work place. We read about “bossbabes”,  the “she owns it" movement and the growing success of female run companies. In 2017, the number of women CEOs on the Fortune 500 list was a record breaking 32. 

Mary Comito is a pioneer of this trend. She broke the mold and out of the gate, blazed a trail of success that became the foundation for growth of the State Farm brand in the tri-state area. Nearly thirty years in, she still has vision, hope and invests selflessly in the communities she serves.

In 1987, at a Memorial Day picnic, a seed was planted, as George Washington University graduate, Comito gave an ear to one of her father’s colleagues. She had been thinking about law school and had spent years denying any interest in the insurance industry; an industry that her father had navigated successfully for 32 years.  Mind set to it, at 21 she became one of  the youngest agents hired in State Farm history. In five years, the Kingston, New York scratch agency she built had great success and State Farm upper management decided to bring her to New Jersey as a manager.

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Determined and driven, Comito, over the next few years hired agents and developed them into 27 new agencies, while completing her MBA at St. Johns University with a concentration in Insurance and Risk Management. Upper management came knocking on her door again, this time, with an offer in Illinois. This decision challenged her as her father had just suffered a stroke leaving him disabled. She chose to stay in New Jersey to help her family. This decision led to State Farm offering her the Madison agency in 2000. It was another pivotal decision that formed the foundation of her growing success.

The early 2000's were unstable years for the automobile insurance industry and management announced that State Farm would leave New Jersey. Mary Comito’s strong leadership skills and vision became the foundation for an agent association she created to bring about automobile insurance reform, which was signed into law in 2003. Comito spent time in Washington D.C. with the policy reform and while she was there earned another Master’s degree in Legislative Affairs from GWU. In the following years, to present day, the insurance industry began to thrive, rates stabilized and competition increased. Comito learned early on how to make self-less decisions that helped the masses and to use her talents to help reignite the growth of State Farm in New Jersey to where it stands today with more than 230 agencies.

Today Mary Comito looks at the future of the industry and the brand with hope. She mentors many, developing youth with passion and keeps her finger on public policy in New Jersey and nationwide. In June, 2018, she passes the 30 year mark of service to State Farm and many communities. She has vision and commitment and energy to drive the industry another thirty years.  She is an example to young women to take risks, let go of fear or doubt and let passion be the path to success. 

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