Series I, Article 3: You never know who you might meet at the Hyatt Hotel in Rochester.

Welcome to article 3 in my first series of Jets Fan Chatter. My name is Victoria L. Dammer and I was born to be a Jets fan.

I just happened to be traveling on Wednesday, June 1st, and stayed one night at the Hyatt Hotel in Rochester, NY. I have to admit it was the first time I ever visited the city. The staff in the hotel was exceptional and the accomodations were great.

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I ventured down to the restaurant and sports bar and was eating dinner when a very loud crowd of ten people came in to the bar. They had already been drinking for a while and were quite friendly to anyone who would talk to them. I struck up a conversation about football and they were more than eager, probably fueled by the consumption of a lot of adult beverages, to discuss the subject.

Of the ten in the group, two were Pittsburgh Steelers fans, 7 were Buffalo Bills fans and one was a New England Patriots fan. I have no names so they are all safe. The Pittsburgh fans were discussing Ben Roethlisberger's sexual assault charges and other activities he's been accused of. There was a discussion of the Steelers SuperBowl wins and Santonio Holmes playing for the Jets. Everyone weighed in on the subject and we moved on to the Buffalo Bills and Rex Ryan, of course. Since I had already announced I was a Jets fan, the Buffalo fans wanted to know how I felt about Rex leaving New York and handing us defeat in last year's game which kept us out of the playoffs for 5 straight years. (How do I really feel about those quesions can't be answered here.) The Buffalo fans were happy to have Rex but felt they were in a similar problem like the Jets - will they ever see a SuperBowl again.

The conversation then turned to the Patriots fan. Let me turn that around - the venom turned on the Patriots fan. Oh, he did pretty good spouting that Brady is the only sixth round draft pick with four SuperBowl rings and he had some other stats, but the crowd pounded him on "deflate gate" and they were genuinely happy his suspension has been upheld for four games. The words for Bill Belichich cannot be printed here either.

I'm not telling you anything new you didn't know before but it was nice to see the Patriots fan get more abuse than me as a Jets fan. I think you all feel the same frustration when we know we have to play the Patriots and I sometimes feel we only dislike Buffalo because of Rex.

Please send me any comments you have and I will post one of the pictures or response in my article next time. Next article is on Tom Brady also but the following one is all about our quarterback debacle. Let's get Brady out from under our skin and move on to more frustration.