EAST HANOVER, NJ - Growing up surrounded by football, the Hanover Park Hornets’ senior captain and quarterback is no stranger to the field. Donato Casolaro has been playing the game for the past 13 years after gaining focus and inspiration from his brothers.

According to the athlete, his biggest strength both on and off the field is speed training. When asked if Casolaro has any specific routines he completes before a game, his friend and fellow teammate, Eric Magnifico, quickly responded, “You are so superstitious. It’s unreal.”

Every Thursday, the senior takes all the linemen and captains out to dinner at his father’s restaurant, Primavera, in West Orange. Sometimes, they drive around, listen to music and talk before returning home. However, the mood quickly changes on Fridays.

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“Before the game, I can’t really listen to music because I get too psyched out, and I get too pumped up,” Casolaro stated. “Then, I’m tired, so I don’t do that. I just chill out, make a few jokes and try to make it lighthearted. Then, I get serious right when I step on the field.”

Upon graduating next June, Casolaro hopes to continue to play either football or baseball in college all while pursuing a degree in sports management.

Name: Donato Casolaro

Grade: 12

Sport(s): football, baseball

Position: QB

Stats: rushing 12-80 2 TD; passing 14-22 204 yards, 3 TD

Fun Facts

Dream job: a sports agent

Pet peeve: nails on a chalkboard

Role model: my cousin


Song to work out to: "New Noise" by Refused

Movie: Remember the Titans

Sport to play: football

Sport to watch: college football

College team: University of Houston

Professional team: San Diego Chargers

Food: steak

Vacation: Long Beach Island

Just For Fun

Choose a super-power: super speed/ the Flash

Best class you’ve taken at HP: sports management

Choose three people to have dinner with:

     -One living- Von Miller, my favorite football player

     -One dead- my Aunt Angelina, who passed away when I was younger

     -One fictional- Coach Boone from Remember the Titans