FLORHAM PARK, NJ - On Sunday, the New York Jets played their 2019 home opener against the Buffalo Bills and fans at MetLife Stadium and those who were watching on television were stunned when a 16-0 win became a 17-16 loss.

After weeks of speculation and bragging, training camp, trades and four preseason games, where the Jets lost two and won two, Head Coach Adam Gase held a press conference on September 6th, just two days before the divisional match-up with the Bills.

When Gase was asked on what he will be looking for early in the game to know the offense is on track.

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Gase said, "Points. First downs. It's just, you kind of know if you feel things are going smooth or even when you have a drive that might be successful if things are a little out of whack, you can adjust it."

First quarter results, as we already know, were one touchdown and a missed field goal. Oh well, maybe the New York Jets players just needed to settle down. After all, the stadium was packed to capacity, the noise level when the Bills were on the field was deafening and as a Jets fan, we know to give our team the benefit of the doubt.

In that same press conference Gase was asked if he's anxious to see the team develop.

"Yeah, to me, it's all about adversity. When something bad starts happening, how are we going to react?" Gase said. "How are we going to battle back. That's all we're going to try to figure out."

Second quarter results after battling back - zero.

Next question.

Gase was asked in how he feels about the interior offensive line this week even though they haven't played together (before the home opener).

"I feel really good," Gase said. "When you've got veteran players that know how to do it, it's not rocket science."

I guess rocket science worked in the third quarter as the New York Jets scored 10 points.

Asked about the offensive line communication, Gase said, "They are veteran players that know what to do that are really good. We'll be all right."

That 4th quarter showed real communication with the Jets scoring zero points again.

If the above quotes and the lack of scoring results aren't enough to aggravate the most seasoned Jets fan, Gase was asked if there are points of emphasis stats to him. The answer to this question will stun you if you watched the game.

"Turnovers are the key to everything," Gase said. "So, if you win in the turnover margin, you're probably going to win.."

The ball turned over the 4 times in the game and the Jets managed to score zero points from those turnovers. ZERO.

If all of this bantering doesn't blow your mind, how about the news we got on September 12th that Sam Darnold has been diagnosed with mono and could be out for weeks. He probably should have stayed away from the FDU coeds across the street from 1 Jets Drive.

Don't let the head coach fool you; mono can put a person out of commission for more than a month. Gase was asked at the September 12th press conference on if he is certain Darnold will be out multiple weeks.

Gase said, "He's still going through some tests to see where he's at with all of this. I know he is out this week and then past that I'll have more information as we go."

Good luck fans. Do an internet search on mono. You'll weep. Lucky for us we've got Trevor Siemian, with a passing completion percentage of 59.3, as our new quarterback for the next few weeks if not the rest of the 2019 season.

Maybe next year will be our year.