nEAST HANOVER, N.J.- The argument is over. The state of New Jersey has stood divided since the dawn of time and now, a cake artist from East Hanover has the final word. Kimmy's Kakes masterful "taylor ham egg and cheese on a hard roll" comes with the following disclaimer, "please don't call it pork roll."

The creator of the New Jersey staple, John Taylor, was a brick yard employee, a laborer in the grocery industry and found himself in the cattle industry which eventually led to organizing the Taylor Provision Company in 1888.  While the original product bears the creators name, time, business, marketing and merging may have had it's hand in the creation of  the state's biggest deadlocked argument in history. Even the packaging evolved to "taylor pork roll."

While the battle rages on,  cake artist Buchannan stands on taylor ham grounds, making a sweetly convincing argument. Visit her tempting gallery here.