EAST HANOVER, NJ- This past Sunday, May 21, 2017, the East Hanover PBA Local 227 Civic Association hosted their third annual food truck festival to support local charities and youth organizations. Twenty-eight food trucks came out on that beautiful, sunny day to serve thousands of people and they didn’t disappoint.

I was able to sample six out of the twenty-eight food trucks. Every bite I took was just as good as the last. I got to try a cab burger, grilled cheese, pizza, Mexican, Thai, and, of course, some dessert.

I started with the cab burger from Taxi Cab Burger. It was so juicy and tender and it wasn’t fatty at all. The mixture of caramelized onions, pickle, cheese, and ketchup on top of this burger, smushed in between a King’s Hawaiian bun, created a cascade of flavors in my mouth. From sweet to sour, my taste buds were on overload with this slider. Chef David’s motto is “Can’t Eat Just One!” and he’s right. I wanted more, but there were other trucks to try.

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Another great food truck was Aroy-D, The Thai Elephant Truck. The Aroy-D had a simple story of the owner, Jon’s, wife wanting to open a restaurant to serve authentic Thai food to the public. Unfortunately, the finances weren’t there. So, while watching The Great Food Truck Race in 2009, the idea hit them; they’ll start with a food truck!

By October of 2011, their food truck was set and it was a hit. By 2013/2014, they opened a restaurant in Verona, which they plan on expanding because it’s always packed. This led to another food truck on the way in 2016. However, this food truck doesn’t sell Thai food; it sells homemade Thai ice cream.

I got to try their Thai iced tea and Mango Sticky Rice. Their Thai iced tea was absolutely delicious and satisfying on that warm Sunday. When I first saw it, it looked creamy, like milk, with a bright orange hue that screamed, “Spring time!” Then I took one sip and I was in heaven. It had the burnt and bitterness of tea, which is the only way I knew it was tea because it tasted just like an orange creamsicle. It is honestly the perfect drink for spring and summer.

Then the Mango Sticky Rice reminded me of a dessert. The rice was topped with fresh mango and coconut cream. It was such a sweet ending to a savory day!

However, for these food trucks, it’s not about the food they make, but about the people they meet. And, whether they got started because they just felt like doing so, because they wanted to serve their homemade meals to the public, or because they wanted to do it in memory of a loved one; each one of these trucks have one thing in common: coming together to serve great food.