FLORHAM PARK, N.J. - On Tuesday, January 9, Brooklake Elementary School in Florham Park hosted their annual S.T.E.M. fair.  According to principal, Dr. Steven Caponegro, it “had the most participants recorded, approximately 90 students.”

The fair was coordinated by Mr. Chris Perruso, who is the fifth-grade science and math teacher. In order to be a part of the fair, students from grades 3-5, had to submit their proposed experiment from an approved S.T.E.M. list of experiments. Then, have their experiment approved and then proceed with recording the data and forming conclusions from completing experiments.

From there, students had to present their experiments and findings to their fellow students during an assembly and then to the public later in the evening. According to Dr. Caponegro, “All of the projects involved scientific analysis, mathematical computation, engineering strategies, and reasoning skills.”

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The experiments ranged from the traditional volcano test to using newer technology like artificial intelligence. Some experimented with the pH levels in drinking water, testing such products as Fiji, Poland Spring, and even the drinking water in Florham Park, which isn’t bad. Some tested the effects of sugary drinks on your teeth, what happens to gummy bears when left in certain liquids overnight, and a plethora of more.

There were a couple of students who took it a step further and dressed up like scientists, equipped with lab jacket and goggles. However, all students who participated in the fair, whether they dressed up or not, were ready and eager to show off their experiments and findings.

After the fair, Dr. Caponegro stated, “I was incredibly impressed and proud of the students that chose to participate in this year’s S.T.E.M. Fair. It was clear that each presenter worked very hard on their project and did a wonderful job showcasing their experiment and findings on their display boards, bringing in samples for others to experiment with, and explaining their findings to the others. Great job by all of our Brooklake scientists!”