What is One of the Most Valuable and Beneficial Exercises You Can Do?

Strength Training!  Here are 8 reasons WHY: 

1.  It is the best way to cut fat. Regular strength training increases muscle mass and muscle is highly metabolic which burns a lot more calories than fat.

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2.  It boosts your metabolism.  The more muscle you have the more you will utilize more calories throughout the day and at rest.

3.  It increases your strength. Gaining muscle makes you stronger in your daily life such as lifting heavy groceries and other chores, playing with children/grandchildren and enjoying hobbies and activities.

4.  It increases your bone density. Osteoporosis is an entirely preventable disease that is not only disfiguring and painful but can lead to life-threatening situations.

5.  It improves your immune function.  There are many ways to help our immune system do its job.  From eating fresh fruits and vegetables to maintaining a regular and sufficient sleep pattern, we can assist our body’s natural healing properties.  Regular exercise also seems to be one of these assistants.  One thing is clear - you can’t be a casual, once-in-a-while exerciser to get the full benefits of improved immune functioning.  You have to engage in regular, moderate exercise sessions and make them a part of your daily routine.  

6.  It reverses the effects of aging. If you have ever been close to elderly people, you know how their weakness handicaps them.  As we age, we lose muscle fiber and bone density.  Resistance exercise in the elderly population improves functioning, which can lead to more independent living.  The high level of disability and falls in the elderly may sometimes be due to their low muscular strength.  Being stronger, with muscle tone, at an older age delays processes muscle loss, bone loss, decreased metabolic rate, and decreased energy and activity levels.  

7.  It improves your mood and increases confidence.  Exercise may help the brain cope better with stress and it gives the body a way to deal more appropriately with stress.  

8.  It improves the quality of your life.  If you are strong enough to complete all of your daily tasks with ease, have strong bones and are healthy and disease-free, you will remain active and keep up a positive mood most of the time, then your life has got to be pretty good!


Now that we are sheltering at home, let’s use this time to focus on achieving a healthier body!  Follow me on Instagram @annpelinofitness to find a 20 minute at-home workout you can practice daily.  I’ll drop a new workout each week.  They have been designed so that you can complete them even if you have no equipment other than your own bodyweight.  And at any time, you can schedule a live, private session where I will create a custom workout just for your needs.  Simply go to www.annpelinointegrativefitness.com and book a 30-minute FaceTime workout with me.  Let’s build a stronger tomorrow!


Take good care of yourself, 


Ann Pelino Integrative Fitness

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