FLORHAM PARK, N.J.- A difficult childhood often leads to a more difficult adulthood. Not the case for Arjan Leka. Although it seemed inevitable when he considered a life in law enforcement, and found out it was not option for him. At age 19 he went in a different direction and worked with troubled youth in Flemmington. Leka could relate, as at one time he had a hard time making the right decisions. While he counseled youth, he also employed physical activity. 

As a licensed trainer, Leka saw a strong correlation between working out life issues and working out in the gym. He saw an opportunity and he capitalized on it. After employment in a facility in Randolph, Leka was ready to expand and market his own style of training. An opening in Whippany presented itself and he opened  Vendetta Fitness. The name Leka says comes from the definition " not revenge against another, but against the old you." The business was thriving in the Whippany location, until an unexpected closing in 2016.

Not too long after, he found Florham Park Fitness. It was a good fit and best suited for Vendetta clients. He opened and maintained six original employees. It has been a great year and the outlook is great. Leka is driven to help youth in need and rarely turns away a client. The business continues to grow and despite some hard lefts in his life, he seems to have found the right. 

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