With life disrupted in so many ways, it is likely that previous activity routines have been upended and stress has increased which can create the perfect storm for putting on extra pounds.  One reason we know that we need to keep our weight from getting too far out of control is that obesity is associated with serious complications in people who contract COVID-19.  Losing weight during the pandemic is completely possible!!

Here are some of my suggestions:

Five Things to Be Mindful of in order to Lose the Quarantine-15

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  1. Weigh Yourself : Step on your scale at least once a week.
  2. Watch liquid calories!
  3. Stop eating after 7 pm. Try to avoid eating while standing up and be mindful of snacking!!
  4. Replace dessert with fresh fruit: support your local farmers market and stock up on fresh, in-season fruit for the perfect dessert after your dinner. 
  5. Add Protein and Vegetables: eat more whole foods and less processed.

Now is a good time to assess your lifestyle and focus on all of the things that you can do to keep yourself healthy.  Use this time to look further at your priorities and decide what you can do TODAY to improve your food choices and schedule in daily exercise.

If you would like to 1) talk virtually and get more support in getting healthier, 2) would like to develop a new exercise routine at home, or 3) wish to train in the studio with me for private one-on-one exercise sessions, please give me a call at 908-723-6979. I would like to help!