May 6, 2020

State of New Jersey

Attorney General

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Subject:  High number of deaths in Nursing Homes 

               In New Jersey.


Dear Attorney General:

I have read that the State of New Jersey is going to start an investigation into the high number of elderly as well as recuperating patient deaths in a number of Nursing Homes in New Jersey.

This writer has spent a good portion of his working life as a HVAC mechanic (Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning Mechanic), I have worked in numerous nursing homes located throughout New Jersey including the one in Andover where the owners were storing dead bodies in a walk-in refrigerator.

It has been my concern for a number of years that the owners/management of these facilities have NOT been following standard operating procedures for the ventilation of their buildings.  

There are existing codes for air handling systems in buildings of certain sizes, let me give you an example.  When the weather is changing as it is now – I would go into a building, removed all the old air filters, clean, service and replace the air filters.  At that time I would adjust the air handlers to meet codes, those codes would state that the systems had to have a certain amount of fresh, outside air mixed into the air handling system, usually 50% must be fresh air.  

Now, when I would get a service call at that facility or others where I had worked on the equipment it was obvious that the air handlers had been tampered with, and the percentage of outside air was reduced to ten percent.  What does that mean?  An example IF you have a 90 degree outside the incoming air would be at roughly 90 degrees, the air conditioning equipment would have to cool air that was 90 degrees, the Air Conditioning machinery would work harder to reduce the internal air back to 72 – 74 degrees, that is just common sense.  Keep in mind air handling equipment runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  When the manager or owner of these facilities reduces the external air from 50% to 10% it is easy to see that there would be a dramatic reduction in the demand on the Air Conditioning units to lower the temperatures on the inside of the buildings.

I believe that by reducing the amount of external air introduced into the air handling equipment and simply re-circulating the internal air that this IS and WAS the vehicle that allowed the circulation of the Coronavirus within these facilities.  That since the operators were NOT removing contaminated air that 24 hours a day they simply moved contaminated air from one sick patient and pumped the Corona Virus into rooms that held HEALTHY Patients, making them sick-leading to their ultimate deaths…

Most State Inspectors might not be familiar with what I am saying, but I want to volunteer to accompany any investigators or inspectors who would be going into these facilities that have caused the deaths of thousands of people here in New Jersey.

Let me make this as clear as possible:  Fresh outside air is supposed to be pumped into the air handling system, OLD Air – in the case of the nursing homes, contaminated air is to be pumped out through the air system, it is to do this 24 hours a day…Old air out/Fresh new uncontaminated air brought into the buildings.  

The reason for NOT conforming to regulations is simple, it cost much less money  NOT to being in outside air, the same occurs in COLD – WINTER months, but just the opposite.  The outside air is COLD but it still should be 50% of the air flow, but it requires being heated up to the 72-74 degree air temperatures, that – as with the cooling process in summer months cost money.

The cause of many of the deaths was simply GREED on the part of the owner/operators!

If anyone would like a verbal explanation, please feel free to contact me at the above phone number.

Respectfully Submitted:

Vito Sacco

Morris Plains, NJ