I challenge Congressional Democrats to hold an,” official floor vote”, before proceeding with the latest Trump witch hunt. Democrats are willing to bring our entire Government Apparatus to to a halt so they can satisfy their brand of Machiavellian Politics. The American people will be asked to suffer this Democratic political gamesmanship while the business of the people is put on hold. They deserve to have a public Congressional vote on who favors this political coup de ta. Their litany of public accusations towards our President, wants to succeed where others in the deep State failed.

To date the swamp's failure was not for lack of trying but rather for lack of evidence.   A worse example of putting politics before people is hard to recall. I challenge these feckless Congressional Democrats to do what has historically been done in impeachment proceedings, call a formal vote for an official inquiry. Give the President and his supporters the opportunity call and subpoena  witnesses. More importantly let the people know who is pushing this political narrative.

Stop being anonymous, stop hiding !!! The people deserve better. 

Senator Joe Pennacchio