Veterans for Becchi would like to thank the New Jersey Globe for providing our CD-11 Congressional candidates a critical forum to share their ideas with the voting public. We especially would like to thank Mr. David Wildstein for his consummate professionalism and impartiality as moderator.

During the debate, a spirited exchange took place over the topic of veteran’s advocacy. Rosemary Becchi mentioned that Congresswoman Sherrill recently turned down multiple scheduled official meetings with the New Jersey VFW after they spent precious time and non-profit dollars to meet her in Washington.

Congresswoman Sherrill was unable to deny this accusation because it is true.

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When this topic was revisited in the post-debate analysis, New Jersey Democratic State Committee Executive Director Saily Avelenda rejected the claim as baseless and proceeded to tell viewers that “most” of Congresswoman Sherrill’s legislative work is veteran’s-related.

This is pure fantasy. It is easily discounted with a quick glance at the Congressional record.

Here is the truth:

  • Congresswoman Sherrill has never drafted a single veteran’s bill during her time in Congress. Not one.
  • Congresswoman Sherrill never even co-sponsored a single veteran’s bill until she was admonished by veteran organizations for her failure to do so. Co-sponsorship is the act of throwing your name onto another representative’s hard work. It is the bare minimum form of advocacy, and our Congresswoman could not be bothered to do it until it became a re-election liability.

We hope these clarifications help to shatter, once and for all, the myth that Congresswoman Sherrill is a champion of veteran causes. She is not. 

Veterans for Becchi calls on Congresswoman Sherrill to explain to her veteran constituents why we should accept such a paltry record of veteran’s advocacy from any member of Congress, let alone one of our own.


Major Nick De Gregorio

Marine Corps Veteran