It is astonishing to me that NO Republicans are fighting back against the Governor's executive orders to further destroy lives, businesses, and mental health throughout the state and for all New Jersey's residents.

And I'm not talking about perpetual self-serving press releases and statements.  These legislators need to band together, use their brains and figure out a solution fast that is effective.  I'm sure there are Democratic legislators that have courage to stand up and fight along with them.

What happened to a government by the people?  How much longer before the damage that is caused by the government brings us to a point of no return?

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The curve has been flattened.  The most vulnerable should isolate, but everyone else needs to go on with their lives.  Mandating that bars and restaurants close at 10pm ONLY hurts the business owners.  IT IS NOT SAVING LIVES.

You know what is destroying lives and killing people?  Mental health that is rapidly deteriorating.  Stress over not being able to put food on the table.  Addictions that get worse with every passing day.

Speak up, get some courage, use your brains and wake up New Jersey!


Ken Smith

Parsippany, NJ