EAST HANOVER, N.J.-The beginning of May is historically the time when Spring is celebrated. Recently, it also marks  the time when high school seniors decide on which college they will attend, and make it known publicly, celebrating school colors. Last year local artist and Drexel-bound Casey Reinknecht created 'college shoes,' transforming white canvas  Vans into any school logo. "When several people reached out to me this year seeing if I was still making college shoes, my natural instinct was to say that I was.  I was ready to have a really fun reason to procrastinate my own school work, but also a way to de-stress in a school on a quarter system," Reinknecht stated.
  She made some college sneakers for some folks who committed and remembered how much she loves creating, especially individualizing each pair. 
"There's no better feeling than knowing where you'll spend the next few years, especially if it is at a place you love," Reinknecht looked back at her own decision and not only loves Philadelphia, but loves college life. 
She is currently taking orders and can be reached through the following links.
Instagram:  caseyreinknecht