A beautiful historic home with an inviting porch and green lawn sits back on Green Village Road.  “Yes the porch is coming in handy with social distancing as we can sit on rockers spaced apart with our clients and strategize on improving their life”, says John M. Egan, CFP, Managing Director of Egan Wealth Advisors.

And that scene fits in nicely to what they do at Egan Wealth Advisors.  They are much more than full service financial planning.  They sit with their clients, listen, problem solve and set a stage with tools that can provide to them a great life.   

Egan Wealth Advisors was founded by John M. Egan, CFP, a thirty year financial services professional.  Four years ago he brought in a partner,  Patrick J. McCahill, Jr., who along with his wife and young daughter is also a Madison resident.  

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The cornerstone of Egan Wealth Advisors is providing great service….service that is both full and diverse in scale yet tailored specifically to each client’s needs and future goals.  Focusing on the client’s dream of what retirement looks like and turning it into a reality is paramount to the Executive team’s mission at Egan Wealth Advisors.

“For a typical client, we build a financial plan that shows them how their retirement will look and how their assets will pay them back on an income meant to last their lifetime. “, said Egan.

In addition to retirement, they provide tax planning and preparation, estate planning, wills, power of attorneys, health care directives, trusts, beneficiary planning and much more depending on what the client needs.

The typical Egan Wealth Advisor client is retired, thinking about retirement or in the process of a major life event like selling a business, exiting a big corporation, or dealing with the death of a spouse.  There are complexities that accompany distributions from retirement accounts as well as home sales that are part of the one-stop-shop solution that Egan Wealth Advisors provides to its over 300 clients.

“We have deep relationships with our clients that are built on trust.  Recently I helped a client by guiding his recently disabled son on how to structure the annuity payment from his car accident.  I have been called into many of my client’s family meetings, to offer advice, and I do it because I care about them and their families”, Egan said.

At Egan Wealth Advisors they take full service financial planning to new heights, or “towers”, as they are a division of Hightower Advisors with offices in New York City, Bay Head NJ as well as their hometown of Madison.

A big differentiator that Egan Wealth Advisors offers is that it is not bound to or aligned to any specific financial firm when sourcing for a custodian for their client’s investments.  Because they are not tied to a few select products, they can be totally transparent and resourceful when finding a financial solution that meets their client’s goals.

As loyal neighborhood enthusiasts, both John and Patrick are deeply involved in the community.  They are one of the sponsors of May Day in Madison which is an annual town-wide cleanup and beautification event.  They are also involved in the John Taylor Babbitt Foundation which is focused on preventing sudden cardiac death.  Another favorite cause is with God’s Love We Deliver, which provides healthy meals to people suffering from AIDS/HIV.  They also work with Camp Sunshine and Camp Snowflake, recreational programs for disabled children and young adults.

John Egan is optimistic about the future. “In this economy, we are proud of the good batting average we have with our client’s results.  When people need a high-quality financial planner that is local and that they can trust, we hope they give us a call.  We are here and open for business”.

You can contact Egan Wealth Advisors at egan.hightoweradvisors.com  or call them at 800-919-1510.


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