EAST HANOVER, N.J.- Imagine That!!!, a children's museum in Florham Park, welcomed Mr. Conductor last month, a must see for all train enthusiasts.

Mr. Conductor, Will has been an employee of Imagine That!!! for over 7 years. Mr. Conductor is an interactive 2-hour activity that allows children to play with toy trains on an expansive track setup, followed by a story told my Mr. Conductor himself.

Will has Autism and has been an Integral part of Imagine That!!! since the beginning. He enjoys Thomas the Train and dressing up. When asked, Will shared that he loves to share his train sets with the children who come to “Mr. Conductor” and he also mentioned “My Favorite is Thomas the Train. I also like my collection of tracks and especially this layout." His personal collection is the display for Mr. Conductor.

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When Will is not working at Imagine That, he volunteers at a local preschool. Will enjoys the company of children and told us that “These are all of my trains for everyone who comes to share”. When Will is not Mr. Conductor, he plays the role of Santa, The Easter Bunny, Elmo, Mickey Mouse, and so many other characters.

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