FLORHAM PARK, NJ - Chief Joseph Orlando of the Florham Park Police Department issued the following statement to Florham Park residents on March 27, 2020:


While Florham Park's test positives did not increase today, the State's overall numbers suffered it's highest one day increase. The State is reporting the laboratories are behind in the analysis which means they anticipate significant increases in the days and weeks ahead.

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I say this not to create panic or hysteria but to implore all residents to understand this situation we find ourselves in is serious and is not going to come to an end quickly. We will be involved in this crisis for several weeks and the Stay at Home Order issued by the Governor will more than likely remain in effect for the entirety of that time.

A conference call was conducted this morning involving the Attorney General and the State OEM Director, who is the Colonel of the State Police. Both have indicated on numerous occasions that local law enforcement should warn residents who are not adhering to the mandates in the Governor's Executive Order. However, their tone and direction is beginning to shift towards one of enforcement.

I write this to all of you in an effort to prevent our officers from having to take action against our residents. I drive the neighborhoods and observe kids outside together, adults walking together and hear from other residents of people having parties within their homes or out of State guests. These are all violations of the Governor's Executive Order. While being outside and obtaining beneficial exercise is not prohibited, in fact it's encouraged, the Executive Order specifically states that non-family members should not be congregating outside or exercising together, nor should they be visiting each other's homes, unless it's a dating partner, and parties consisting of non-family members in excess of 10 people are prohibited.

The weeks ahead are going to be difficult, I would be lying to you if I told you it was going to be easy or that it would all be coming to end shortly. If we work together we can limit the exposures, flatten the infection rate curve and protect our citizens and first responders in the process.

The members of the Police Department are patrolling the Borough 24 hours a day and we'll always be available to help any of our resident or guests with any issue that may arise. We're now asking you to help us, work with us to help prevent the spread of this virus, be force multipliers for us in the community and report violations of the Executive Order and most importantly be responsible for your own actions.

We thank you all for your continued support and hope all are safe and well!!

Chief Joseph Orlando
Florham Park Police