EAST HANOVER N.J.-Last month,  the East Hanover Middle School  Culture and Climate Committee in conjunction with the students and staff of EHMS, kicked off a new school-wide hashtag to encourage and celebrate school unity.  The new hashtag, #eaglesspreadkindness, is featured on the t-shirts all students and staff members have received.   Students and staff wear these shirts every Monday, and administration will coordinate events throughout the school year to promote kindness among thestudents and school community members.  Students will attended an assembly on featuring student and staff speakers as well as inspirational videos.  
Be on the look out for #eaglesspreadingkindness in the community.
The East Hanover Middle School remains dedicated to providing developing adolescents with a rigorous academic program in a student-centered inclusive, fully supportive  and nuturing environment. Administration realizes that the middle school years are often challenging, interesting and full of infinite possibility.