FLORHAM PARK- The Ridgedale Middle School seventh grade iCare project of a Charity Challenge was a great success. All the individual classes worked hard to create awareness and raise money for the charity they chose. The students really took the lead in these projects by doing the work to organize, publicize and fundraise for their area of interest.

The photo is from Mrs. Paulson’s class that used a 3D printer to make Red Cross pins that sold at lunch. Mr. McParland’s class ran a very successful three point shooting contest where they raised over $250 in an afternoon with participants from first grade to adult shooting baskets for $5 a chance. In these classes and the other classes, students figure out what it takes to organize and event, what are productive public awareness activities and they are learned a lot about their choice organizations. This week each class presented to the entire 7th grade what they were worked on for their charity and some background on the charity. "There was a nice cross-section of charities represented.They really did a great job," said principal Peter Christ.

Ask a 7th grader about their charity. (St Jude's, St Huberts, The Red Cross, Autism Speaks, National Down Syndrome Society,Make a Wish Foundation, Homeless Backpacks, African Wildlife Foundation.)