FLORHAM PARK, NJ - Florham Park's Chief of Police, Joseph Orlando, has issued the following letter and statement to all residents:



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Once again I write to you with evolving information in this ever changing situation.

The number of test positives and deaths in New Jersey continue to rise. I'm sure you've already seen the numbers today have reached 37,505 test positives with 917 deaths in the State. Reports indicate the laboratories are two weeks behind in processing test results which means we all need to prepare for a lot of bad news in the next couple of weeks. New York has yet to reach their plateau and we're reported to be approximately one (1) to one and a half (1.5) weeks behind them.

This week is what would have been Spring Break for most schools in Morris County. The weather tomorrow and Tuesday is predicted to be sunny and warm. I know it will be extremely difficult to remain at home and disciplined with your social distancing efforts, but it's a critical component of this battle we find ourselves in. I could continue to post links for articles and CDC websites but everyone is well aware of the recommendations by now. It's incumbent upon all of us to be diligent as the life you save may not just be your own but the lives of your neighbors, friends and their families. The most dangerous part of this virus is that infected people, who show no signs or symptoms, can pass the virus along to others. This is why social distancing and Stay-At-Home mandates have been stressed at all levels. The Governor's Executive Order tells us that we can visit family members and those with whom we have a close personal relationship. The Order then defines close personal relationship as a Caregiver or dating partner. Please keep this in mind when making decisions about travel or congregating.

There has been a big push in several communities to conduct teacher parades and or birthday parades for students and children respectively. There has been a lot of discussion about these events throughout the State amongst Police Chiefs, Prosecutor's and the Attorney General's Office. The directive we've been given is that the parades themselves are not a violation of any particular order, however they are strongly discouraged as they may lead to other behaviors that are prohibited. I am requesting all residents refrain from such parades as this virus is an airborne disease, it's just not worth the chance of infecting someone.

The Governor and NJOEM Director issued two Orders that I want residents to be aware of. First, the Governor issued Executive Order 113 which states in part the Government can commandeer property, supplies, and private property in order to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. I bring this up because I want to alleviate any fear and prevent the spread of rumors when it comes to the State Government commandeering private property of the citizens. This Order was drafted explicitly for the purpose of commandeering critically needed medical supplies and large facilities for use as medical facilities in the event our hospitals become overwhelmed. Second, the NJOEM Director issued Administrative Order 2020-08 which states in part that individual municipalities have been given the authority to restrict hotels/motels/rentals from accepting new transients into their jurisdictions to help prevent the spread of the virus. More specifically, it focuses on the shore communities and gives those municipalities the right to deny residents with secondary homes from moving into those homes and potentially overwhelming the community's emergency services. Something to think about for those residents with secondary homes in the shore communities.

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) anticipates opening on April 12, 2020, however it has issued orders that extend Driver License, Registration (including Temp Tags), and Inspection expirations for two months from the date of expiration. See the link below for details:


If any resident is considered essential personnel or works in a business that is considered essential and is having trouble finding Daycare with their kids being out of school, you can use the link below to find childcare facilities authorized to operate within the State. The list is categorized by County. There are two facilities within Florham Park authorized to operate under the current Executive Orders:


I want to end with three points. First, our officers, the volunteer members of the First Aid Squad and the Fire Department are not allowed to Stay-At-Home. They're all essential personnel required to perform their respective duties in this extremely dangerous environment. Not only do they put their health and safety at risk but the health and safety of their own families. Please respect this and do everything you can to refrain from congregating unnecessarily and adhere to the Executive Orders and Administrative Orders that have been issued.

Second, critical cleaning and sanitizing supplies are in short supply and in very high demand. If any resident has Clorox and or Lysol Disinfecting Wipes who are willing to donate the same to the Police Department, it will help our officers to remain healthy and safe as they require supplies to sanitize their vehicles and equipment after every citizen encounter. Any resident able to donate can send an email to OEM@fppd.net with your address and I will respond with a time for the supplies to be picked up outside your residence.

Lastly, one of our elderly residents is in need of our community's assistance. The resident lives alone and is need of Hydrogen Peroxide or Rubbing Alcohol to clean a medical device on a daily basis. Without proper cleaning, he runs the risk of an infection which will severely compromise his health. These products are in low supply in the grocery stores. If any resident has full, completely sealed bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide or Rubbing Alcohol please email OEM@fppd.net and we'll make arrangements to pick up the supplies from your residence and safely deliver them to the resident.

Thank you for taking the time to read this update, please be safe and remain well!!

Joseph Orlando
Chief of Police / Deputy OEM Coordinator
April 5, 2020